November 17, 2012

Waiting For The Weather – Lyrics

goin back to colorado cuz i can’t take it anymore like a broken desperado i’m burnin bridges and lockin doors and there’s a feelin i get when the walls come tumblin down and everybody got their eyes to the ground i look around and i’ve found there aint nothin holdin me down and i aint that far gone yet that i can’t pick up and go you know that i know i got the fire sun and the moonglow and the rainbow and where the wind blows i’ll be sailing and i will live this way my friend until the end and now i’m sittin here waitin for the weather to break i gotta hit the road and run its a chance i’ll take cuz i never had anything sacred to defend but i got the pavement poundin in my brain and with an everyday vision my heart remains and i don’t know when i’ll be comin back again from the moment that i saw you i wondered if i’d change my mind but the twisted turn of good intention takes a life time to unwind and there’s a feelin i get when i look into your eyes you know that you and i could find the time between the lines to read the signs and redefine another reality and you’re not that far gone yet that you couldn’t pick up and be free not just like me but beside me and inside of me and whatever you want to be you can be as long as you see that in life as in every single moment we are here and gone so short and so long