October 30, 2011

Working On The New Album

With a few tracks “already ready already,” momentum is building.  For me, it’s about the feel and the story of the songs.  Each of the tracks needs to stand on it’s own, and I try not to think too much about whether they’ll all fit together in an album.  They’re all coming from the same person, so the odds are there will be similar threads, ties, etc…

Late Night Writing

Sometimes songs come out of nowhere.  Sometimes they don’t come at all.  Often, the deal is to take the late night hours and strum along for awhile until something makes sense.  For me, I like to have the foundation of some solid chord progressions and a rough idea of a melody before even thinking about lyrics.

Lately, though, it’s been tough going.  Days get too busy and nights get too tired.  There’s a constant need to hack out a little bit of artistic existence in the wee hours of the night…

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