February 3, 2016

Next to Nothing – Lyrics

we can build our house out of next to nothing

and we can feed ourselves on a little bit of love

and if the walls fall down

we can put our blankets on the ground

and light a little fire of our own

spent the better part of the last week thinking about it

never understood the reason i didn’t even need to know

but if i didn’t try i never would of asked why i’m without it

guess it’s time to take it slow


we are just the dust in a ray of sunlight

floating in the moment knowing all of it washes away

cause you can run all you want but you’re never gonna see the end line

let it go, walk away




knowing we could never have another moment like the last one

and even if we did it wouldn’t really ever be the same

and i know i can get by without being the fast one

cause it’s all a crazy game


all i ever wanted was to walk with you by the water

and now we got next to nothing but a little bit more

a momentary zen, then again its been another

reminder for – you can’t ignore




and there’s just one way home, on our own

but if we decide we could let it all slide

and happily reside a little further on down the road



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