February 9, 2016

Hopeful Like a Dream – Lyrics

Hopeful Like a Dream

Came together in the mountains
Sleepin underneath the stars
The glory days of indecision
Set to the tune of my guitar

Time is flowin all around us
The sun will set and also rise
I picked the path that laid before me
Followed it into your eyes

You are hopeful like a dream
You are everything you seem
And you’re wandering just like a summer breeze
And when you come around
The song has found its sound
And the sky will smile while the sun goes sinking down

Little cactus in the window
Little flower in our yard
Little give and take between us
Nothings ever really hard

We’ll be living on the water
Till Diana’s sails are furled
Then we’ll head back to the mountains
Bring our babies into the world


Now I see you in our children
Now I feel you in my soul
Now I know I’ve always wanted
What I can have but I cannot hold

Take my hand sit beside me
Know you’ll never be alone
And wherever we may wander
We will always be at home


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