February 7, 2016

New Single: Next to Nothing

NEW SINGLE RELEASED TODAY: “Next to Nothing” – First track released in the process of building the new album “Highway Nine Rising” – goes live on all platforms worldwide this week, but you can catch it here first!

Back in the studio here in 2016, writing and recording! Proud to release the new single, “Next to Nothing,” as the first track toward completion of the Highway Nine Rising album. A little bit about reflection, simplicity, and keeping your heart above your head in the search for what really matters.

If you like what you hear, tune in to 30A Songwriter Radio this Thursday, Feb 11th, at 11AM CT to hear a live interview and some of the new songs I’m working on for the album…

Please help spread the word and share it if you like it! :)

Take it easy you guys,

Love the song! Catchy tune I’ll be singing all day! Great start to the new album!


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